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Treat yourself to a memorable night aboard one of Bangkok's most fabulous dinner cruises. Imagine an unfolding scene of glittering temples, historical landmarks and waterfront dining venues, as you cruise along in a beautifully decked, teakwood boat.

As the twilight sky changes its colour to deep purple and indigo, a sumptuous dinner featuring Thai and seafood dishes will be served. Enjoy your dinner amidst the rhythmic sound of classical Thai music and graceful dance movements, depicting the story of the great Indian Ramayana epic and rural Thailand's folk tales.


When you’re surrounded by lush lavender, sun-drenched grapevines and sublime mountain views, the stage is set for love. Everything is inspiring at Bernardus Lodge & Spa, where culinary experiences, spa treatments and resort programs create unforgettable moments of escape. Savor the intimacy of a vineyard resort designed to soothe all the 1